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The other night the lights went out as though someone had flipped a switch which it turned out someone had.  The power company had to do some maintenance so a crew had parked themselves up the road at the breaker box and just shut us off without warning.  This type of thing happened all of […]


A few months after relocating to the country from the city some friends of ours made the hour-long trip, a significant portion of which included a lumpy trek along our gravel road, to tour the farm and have dinner with us.  We had a great visit catching up on Portland news and hearing about their […]

Guide Dog

The paths in the woods behind our house have different qualities that make them special the smaller of the two has a large population of house wrens that sound their alarm calls in the spring when we hike past their invisible nearby nests and a much smaller patch of hard to find fawn Lillies their […]