Hi, I’m Julie

I’m a collage artist who loves to cut and paste paper onto other pieces of paper and sometimes break out the paint pen. I also love to make portraits of people’s pets and can work with your favorite photos of your pet to make a portrait you will always hold dear.

Early on

I started making collage from things I found in the junk drawer of my parents’ beach house- a pack of mini playing cards, some rubber bands, paper clips, an old tide table, match books and those plastic tags that hold the bread bags closed. I used Elmer’s white glue to glue them and lots of torn up newspaper to a piece of cardboard to create my first “masterpiece”.


Now I work mostly with pages I take from magazines and catalogs. I try to find images, patterns and textures that can be easily abstracted in order that they will serve the image I have in mind and not look like whatever they are supposed to look like. For the pet collages I use a wide variety of heavily textured, handmade papers from all over the world to achieve a unique look.